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Water Treatment, Heating System, Renewable Heating, Ventilation with Heat Exchanger

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The Idealklima guaranteeing the best market prices in air-conditioning and heating products.

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Water processing, Pool Heating, Energy cooling and heating supply system, Energy hot water production system

About us

IDEALKLIMA PC is a specialized technical company consisting of highly qualified personnel, engineers, energy auditors,  A/C & Refrigeration technicians, plumbers, electricians in addition to a a fully equipped fleet.


Headquartered in Ionia Thessaloniki (next to the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki / NIKI)  the location was chosen as an installation point and central warehouse, because of its strategic accessibility to all businesses.




Idealklima Support

Our company offers the complete solution package for maintenance and support of your equipment offering you an exclusive support team.

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Subsidized Programs

Our company can cover you in energy audits, project consulting and in terms of tender-construction of ongoing mediations.

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Energy Certifications

The Energy Performance Certificate (SMO) is an approval recognized by the ministry and the document is issued by the energy auditor where energy performance of the building or parts thereof is reflected .

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    Με την Idealklima είχαμε άριστη συνεργασία. Είναι μια εταιρία με ποιότητα , υπευθυνότητα και λογικές τιμές.

Trust us because…

We have the disposition and time to listen to your demands, concerns and all results from our work will definitely meet your exact needs.

Our company has aims, missions and ambitions which were created,  maintained and implemented to reflect the needs of individuals. The immediate satisfaction of every individual through us is the reason of our development.

We are at your disposal and eager to to give you detailed solutions after every appointment/consultation.

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